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 Siesta Key Sunset

Melody lives her dreams singing and playing her music all over this round world. She's quite positive none of it is flat. Besides planes, trains, automobiles, Jeepneys and the occasional camel, she's hiked, biked, triked, swum & sung her way to these magnificent countries across the globe. That first song in the Great Pyramid in Giza, Egypt was a bright & intense highlight in life, but as a teen she warmed up for that event singing on top of The Moon & The Sun Pyramids in Mexico--after climbing them first of course.  Europe, across Asia all the way to The Land Down Under and of course, all over her native USA continues to feed her soul. The photo galleries here are just a small sample of the people and places she's found along the way. No plan was made to sing in Corregidor in the Malinta Tunnel; however, life happens when you play the tunes inside you. Father Theofane, a monk from Snomass, Colorado Monastery wrote "Make music, they will follow" to Melody in his book on life. He did not lie.

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